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  • Rob Mosley

    Rob Mosley

    Founder & Creative Partner

  • Nick Armitage

    Nick Armitage

    Operations Partner

  • Will Savage

    Will Savage

    Creative Partner

  • Sadia Siddiqui

    Sadia Siddiqui

    Client Services Director

  • Jamie Chadwick

    Jamie Chadwick

    Planning Director

  • Sven Kaifel

    Sven Kaifel

    Head of Design

  • Alison Haly

    Alison Haly

    Creative Services Director

  • Barbs Darling

    Barbs Darling

    Senior Account Director

  • Alexi McCarthy

    Alexi McCarthy

    Creative Director

  • Maria Arnold

    Maria Arnold

    Office Manager

  • Ellie Hallsworth

    Ellie Hallsworth

    Social Media Strategist

  • Annemarijn van Osch

    Annemarijn van Osch

    Social Media Executive

  • Ben Obadia

    Ben Obadia


  • Francoise Nguyen-Lee

    Francoise Nguyen-Lee

    Senior Account Manager

  • Andy Rushton

    Andy Rushton

    Account Manager

  • Ignacio Rodriguez

    Ignacio Rodriguez

    Senior Motion Graphics Artist

  • Craig Smith

    Craig Smith

    Senior Video Editor

  • Becky Cartey

    Becky Cartey

    Junior Copywriter

  • Judith Gruntjes

    Judith Gruntjes

    Junior Art Director

  • Peggy Wang

    Peggy Wang

    Senior Designer

  • Stuart McAdam

    Stuart McAdam


  • Sophie Williams

    Sophie Williams

    Video Production Assistant

  • Ben Parsons

    Ben Parsons

    Senior Account Manager

  • Selma Mesic

    Selma Mesic

    Account Manager

  • Rhys Edwards

    Rhys Edwards

    Art Director

  • Beth Manning

    Beth Manning


  • Reggie


    Head of Biscuits


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