MoneyGram — The Gift Of Cricket

Hitting MoneyGram’s audience for an emotional six


Leverage sponsorship of the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup to build genuine, human connections with the brand.


What has cricket got to do with money transfer? “Not much”, you might think. But our insight was that people (mainly fathers) who are making the sacrifice of working away from their family to better their lives, experience cricket as a highly emotive connection with their loved ones back home. A connection very similar to the feeling they get when they send money back to their family.

We thought we could capture that connection thus demonstrating MoneyGram’s understanding of this poignant family moment.


Our big idea was “The Gift Of Cricket”. MoneyGram would involve people in stories of fathers who had given their sons priceless cricket experiences — from their first bat, to watching a live match. And this would be executed across all media touch points.

We lead with a TV ad that aired in multiple markets across the globe. It beautifully tells the story of a father buying his son his first cricket bat… from the other side of the world.

Press ads accompanied this throughout the duration of the tournament, reinforcing the concept and delivering key messages about MoneyGram’s global offering.

In addition to the TVC airing in multiple markets across the globe the content went down a storm on social…

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