Nike — Chomp Ollie Tour

Digitally following a pizza-eating skateboard tour


For the 2013 launch of the Koston 2 shoe, Nike toured Europe in a pizza truck, challenging skaters to re-create Eric Koston’s famous ollie of a sofa while chomping on a slice of pizza.

We were tasked with making this experience digital — allowing fans to follow the tour and maximising the excitement around it.


We stepped into our audience’s skate shoes and discovered a number of behaviours: they have serious FOMO, they use Instagram insatiably and they love sharing awesome videos.

Our approach was to provide a rich digital hub that took the tour to the fans, with reactive content allowing anyone to follow the story as 16 cities attempted to out-skill each other.

  • Nike Chomp Ollie Tour branding
  • Nike Chomp Ollie Tour on mobile devices


The experience centred on a digital destination that sucked in the hype surrounding the tour, along with reactive video content from each city, ensuring no-one missed a beat.

It was important that the fans felt involved in the tour even if they couldn’t physically make it to an event, so the space encouraged skaters to share their tour experiences — which were pulled into a visual wall of content.

An interactive map with event details was also created to make sure that the fans who lived en-route could pop along, have a go themselves and share their sweet successes and epic fails with the skater community.

Finally, to fuel conversation around the campaign hashtag ‘#thelegendgrows’, we provided guidelines to those on the ground who were manning the tour’s social channels — helping them keep the campaign momentum building.

  • Chomp Ollie Tour England
  • Chomp Ollie Tour Germany
  • Chomp Ollie Tour Italy
  • Chomp Ollie Tour France


  • 5 mins Average site dwell time
  • 500+ interactions with #thelegendgrows
  • 8 Sofas. 5,520 slices of pizza. 6,000 miles travelled
Chomp Ollie Tour website design